👑 Top 7 SaaS Reads From 2023

The best SaaS sauce from the previous year

SaaS Strategists,

The previous year has been a wild ride SaaS-wise.

We saw many startups being born, and unfortunately many going under as well.

In order to keep your SaaS spinning in the long run, I wanted to dedicate this issue to the most insightful SaaS Strats reads of 2023.

That being said, let’s waste no time & dive right in 👇

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Top 7 Reads On SaaS From 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes

Here goes my list of most insightful reads on SaaS from 2023 (without any specific order).

07 Alex & Leila Hormozi $3M-$10M/ARR SaaS growth strategies

Alex & Leila are known for their business excellence.

That being said, you should try and implement specific action points to your SaaS as well.

Check out how Alex & Leila grew their SaaS from $3M-$10M/ARR and what strategies they used:

06 Ecosystems, Integrations & Marketplaces

If you’re running a more well-established SaaS that has at least 5000 users, then this article is a must-read!

See how you can lock your customers inside your platform’s ecosystem so that you maximize the retention rate of your product(s):

05 Explainer videos can boost conversions up to 80%

If you’re sleeping on explainers I’ve got bad news.

You aren’t catching many eyes on your product,


Even if you were, you’re losing potential customers due to a lack of their understanding of your product.

Discover how to implement explainer videos properly, and sign more customers:

04 3 Powerful and highly engaging CTAs for your landing page

3 great examples of how you can implement CTAs on your landing page without being too pushy.

Innovative, interesting, and straight to the point.

See how Mailshake, Monday, and Taskade made their landing pages stick out:

03 HubSpot’s Secret Sauce

It’s no secret that HubSpot has built an empire in the SaaS space.

One strategy helped them achieve that goal.

Wondering what it is?

Discover it here:

02 Notion’s Growth Strategies

The Second Brain App.

The go-to for all storage, brainstorming, planning, projects and life in general.

Discover how this multi-purpose software made its breakthrough in the most inspiring and user-centric way:

01 8 SaaS Gamification Strategies

The gamification market in 2023 has only started to develop and I’m 100% sure we’ll see more of it in 2024.

Learn how to stay ahead of the curve with innovative real-life examples of gamification:

That would be a year in review as seen from my side.

Let me know if you think I should include some additional non-SaaS Strats reads from 2023.

Until next time!

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Until then,

Keep on SaaS’n.

Ognjen Gatalo

Chief SaaS Strategist ☁️ 

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