🏙️ The Dubai Strategy

A crash course on "engineering as marketing" SaaS strategy.

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SaaS Strategists,

Last week I was in Dubai for vacation.

And I noticed something.

Dubai & SaaS products actually have a lot in common.

You see,

In Dubai, there are plenty of attractions you can visit and each one of them is like a separate entity.

Combine multiple entities into one city and you get a place everybody wants to visit.

So what does this teach us about SaaS?

Well, we answer this exact question in today’s issue.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you “The Dubai Strategy” (named by myself lol).

Let’s dive in 👇️ 

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The Dubai Strategy

Reading time: 3 minutes

Let’s draw a parallel.

In Dubai, each attraction has its own “wow” moment.

You might visit because of the Dubai Frame 🖼️ 
You might visit because you want to eat dinner in the sky 🍽️ 
You might visit because you want to parachute off of Burj Khalifa 🪂 

Combine these multiple attractions into one city and you get a place everybody wants to visit.

So what can this teach us about SaaS?


Just like I visited Dubai because I wanted to experience the high views,

Your users may turn into paid customers because of 1 feature you marketed really really well.

The strategy I shamelessly renamed into “The Dubai Strategy”, is actually called Engineering as Marketing.

Engineering as Marketing emphasizes the concept of extracting 1 feature from your software, spinning it up as a dedicated app & marketing it as a separate product.

This small app then serves as another funnel towards your SaaS.

Here are some of the examples:

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