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🌎 Domain Names Drive High Expectations

How to choose a domain name for your startup so that you appeal as authority

SaaS Strategists,

Ever seen a domain name that had just a simple 1 word?

Like book .com

Ever thought - “wow, with that domain name they must be a leader in their space”.


Today, we break down the science behind reputable domain names and how they can help you establish your authority.

Let’s dive in 👇️ 

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Domain names drive high expectations

Reading time: 4 minutes

Internet domain names today are what company names on paper were 20 years ago.

You see a company named BROADCAST.com and immediately think, “Must have been a hassle to get their hands on that name”.

Kudos to Mark Cuban though.

Take Facebook for example.

Cool name right?

Yes, but how did they get their hands on that domain name?

Well, 20 years ago when the internet was only starting to become popular, domain names were as free as sunflowers.

You could pick a one-word domain name,

Slap .com at the end of it and viola!

Today, it’s a much different story.

You see,

If you take any word from the English language and add .com to it - you’re out of luck.

Now get this:

If you take any combination of 2 words from the English dictionary and add .com to it…

Guess what?

It’s the same story.

Add “ly”, “ify” or “io” to them - chances are they are taken too.

Domain selling business is no joke.

One-word domain names are selling for as low as $10,000 and as high as a whopping $340 million.

Spoiler alert: It’s business .com

Ok now that I’ve crashed your dreams of owning a cool one or two-word domain name, let’s talk about how you can find a great domain name for your business.

If you’re thinking about starting your online product,

Try adding:

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