❤️ Did Slack Just Copy Tinder?

See how Slack borrowed an idea from Tinder and made it a productivity hit.

SaaS Strategists,

The software world is more connected than you think.

Especially when we boil it down to a feature level.

In today’s issue, we break down Slack’s new productivity hit feature.

And it came directly from Tinder’s playbook.

Let’s dive in 👇️ 

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Did Slack Just Copy Tinder?

Reading time: 2 minutes

I’ll make a wild guess that around 80% of you reading this newsletter right now, are using Slack for work communication.

I am too.

And it can definitely feel like email sometimes.

They tried fixing it with the Unreads tab, but it still felt too slow.

I think Slack finally came out with an innovative way of catching up with your messages.

The feature is simply called Catch Up.

Here’s how it works:

In short - it’s Tinder’s iconic swipe feature inside Slack.

But it’s great to see 2 worlds combined.

Features we thought would only work inside “leisure” apps can be a big time-saver inside work-oriented software.

Simply swipe right on messages you’re caught up with and left to save for later.

Slack’s new Tinder-swipe feature.

Apart from only sorting the messages, you can respond to any message with a single click, keeping the convo flowing effortlessly.

Currently only available on mobile, but hopefully Slack has a plan to bring it over to desktop as well.

However, there is a second side of the medal.

One part of the community didn’t welcome the feature at all!

One Reddit user said:

“I'm so confused between Threads, Catchup, and Activity that show the same info.”

Anonymous Reddit User

And while Catch Up is a cool new interaction method in my opinion,

Some may not share this opinion.

Slack may have overcomplicated specific interaction points by releasing too many features that feel kind of the same.

You can learn from their mistakes though.

All in all, Catch Up could be a big head scratch for the competition, wondering how they can stay up to date with the innovation and what cool feature could they transpose inside their software.

I’m sure work and productivity-based apps will see more of this in the near future.

What do you think?

Maybe you have some ideas to implement in your own SaaS?

Or do you think the feature is a complete miss?

Feel free to reply to this email and let me know.

I’ll include the results in the next issue.

Ognjen Gatalo

Chief SaaS Strategist ☁️ 

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