🧈 Butter's Growth Strategies

Exclusive insights from Butter's Founder & CEO on growth, challenges and unique features.

SaaS Strategists,

Over the course of the past month, I started reaching out to SaaS founders who are willing to provide direct insights into growing their businesses.

My thought was that it would be cool to provide you with exclusive insights from the founder directly in order to see the product exactly as the founder envisioned it.

My efforts didn’t go in vain.

So today I present you a a special kind of SaaS breakdown.

I got in touch with Jakob Knutzen and he was kind enough to provide exclusive insights into his SaaS venture - Butter!

So today’s issue will be the first exclusive founder-led edition with Jakob’s personal story on growth, strategies, and insights from growing Butter.

Can’t wait to dive into this one, so without further due,

Let’s dive into this smooth Buttery edition 👇️ 

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Butter’s Growth Strategies

Reading time: 5 minutes

The way Jakob describes Butter is pretty straightforward:

Butter is like Zoom but laser-focused on workshops and trainings with tools that help you make your sessions more interactive”.

But I still think you can’t quite see the extent of Butter from this explanation.

So I’ll try to describe it in my own words:

Butter is like someone equipping you with an AR headset while you’re driving to work.

You’d enjoy every second of that drive right?

Well, I think this sentence perfectly summarizes what Butter is all about.

Equipping your everyday online meetings with a big sprinkle of interactivity.

I asked Jakob how Butter was created and this is what he had to say:

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