📐 3-month offer manifest strategy

How to stand out with your offer & positioning in the ever-changing SaaS market

SaaS Strategists,

Past week has been hectic, to say the least.

Instagram Threads launched. 🧵 

And in the first 4 hours it counted 5 million signups.

By the end of the day, that doubled.

Today, just one week after the launch it stands at more than 100 million signups. 🚀

Of course, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Instagram is filled with bot accounts so let’s take the numbers with reserve.

Seems like Twitter finally got its worthy competitor.

I’m interested in how this will play out, and what new features Threads will launch.

If you’re using Threads, feel free to follow me there - my username is @ognjengatalo.

All in all, today we get back on track with cutting-edge SaaS strategies, and I can proudly say that today, I present one of my own strats I tested a few months back.

Let’s dive into the 3-month offer manifest strategy 👇

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📐3-month offer manifest strategy

Today’s issue will try to switch things up.

I’ll try to engage you and lead you to action, instead of just capturing the information.

So, what is this mysterious strategy I came up with?

You see,

People are tired of seeing recycled ads for SaaS products that emphasize solely benefits that are already seen.

That’s old news.

I noticed that ads that helped me MANIFEST my future outcomes hooked me instantly and made me try out the product.

This strategy is constructed out of 3 key elements.

  1. The problem you’re solving (Main ICP pain point)

  2. How you’re solving it (Key feature of your SaaS)

  3. Final outcome (Manifestation 3-6 months in the future)

Let’s put things in motion

Take out a pen and paper.

Or open up a new blank note.

Write down the niche of your ideal customer.

Write their main pain point.

Don’t overthink it, whichever comes first to mind.

Plenty of time to reiterate later.

Now write down the ideal scenario that happens 3 months after they use your product.

That’s all.

Simple really, right?

Here’s an example:

Let’s take beehiiv as an example.

The platform I’m writing this newsletter on.

So how would I market it?

Let’s follow the 3-month offer manifest strategy:

  1. The problem = Non-tech people that just want to start writing online without week-long tech setup processes

  2. How you’re solving it = Out-of-the-box newsletter platform that connects you with other readers and helps you grow your audience faster

  3. Final outcome (manifestation) = 300 active subscribers & 2 sponsorships

The pitch: beehiiv helps you get to 300 active subscribers & 2 sponsorships in less than 3 months with our out-of-the-box newsletter platform that interconnects readers across our ecosystem. Just register & start writing. 0 week-long tech setup processes.

See how it works?

This can also be applied to any business model, agency, or product based.

Let’s go with a mobile app development agency as an example.

They want to pitch to Todoist, a to-do productivity app.

  1. The problem = Todoist UI is old and the app is lacking new features

  2. How you’re solving it = Redesign the whole app + adding additional features that help users classify their to-do’s

  3. Final outcome (future manifestation) = Todoist is now the trending #1 product in the productivity category on the App Store beating every other to-do list app.

The pitch: We’ll help you reach the top 10 spot on Apple Store by adding additional features that help users classify their to-do’s, and redesigning the whole app from scratch.

Oftentimes your initial offer (software development, non-tech people that want to start writing online) isn’t juicy enough.

Try looking at the benefits from another angle.

By adding the literal (best case) manifestation of what could happen you can create more appealing positioning and offer, thus bringing in more customers, to your agency and your SaaS as well.

Now try it out yourself.

Reply to this email & send me the results, would love to check them out!

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Submagic is the AI caption creator. Truly a time saver & allows plenty of caption customization options.

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💡Idea of the Week

Here’s the SaaS idea of the week:

A landing page creation & optimization platform. This SaaS will ultimately help businesses create better landing pages in their target markets and industries. With the use of AI, you can implement a feature that analyzes a specific industry’s target market, ICP & customer habits, and based on that information, create a landing page that will perform best. The AI feature can provide personalized experiences for each industry group, recommend the best CTAs, and even generate A/B test ideas to improve conversion rates.


  • Saves time researching the target market & developing the landing page

  • Provides personalized experiences for each industry group based on rich data-set


  • May require some technical knowledge or training to use effectively

  • Potential for limited customization options with pre-built templates

Hope you enjoyed today’s issue & learned something new along the way!

As mentioned, let me know what offer you came up with.

Would love to check them out!

Ognjen Gatalo

Chief SaaS Strategist ☁️ 

P.S. Forward this newsletter to your friend that’s building an offer for his SaaS.

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